Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Before, on the road to an after

As mentioned below, I've been in a funk. I'm a person who leans in the direction of depression, holding it at bay with lots of time at the gym. Miss a few days of a workout, and no one in my house wants anything to do with me. Yoga is my new outlet, and has changed the way I think about my life, my body, and the world around me. It's taught me that a bum knee isn't the end of the world, that fitness doesn't need to involve lots of loud music and an instructor that everyone knows wouldn't touch a chocolate chip cookie if her life depended on it.

However, over the last few months, I've found myself really, really not caring about how I look. Most days, I'm the preview for What Not to Wear-yoga pants and hoodies, never putting my contacts in, and and one bad hair day after another. I've decided, though, that I'm done with that. Frumpy dumpy does nothing for my mood, my energy level, or my sanity. So first, a trip to the salon.

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(yes, shitty picture AGAIN. I know. I took this myself, and I've learned that what looks ok on my camera screen is an entirely different ball game at full size. But you get the idea).

I love it, although it never has been this sleek since that day. I fight the battle of mushroomhead on a daily basis, but I refuse to be defeated.

Then, I went shopping. Not "20%offallclearancemerchandiseatthegapoutlet" shopping. Real shopping. I tried on jeans at Nordstrom. Yes, jeans that would feed my family for a week. Jeans with pricetags that would make my husband cry, but God bless him he told me not to tell him.

Of course, I didn't buy those jeans. Armed with brand names and a vision, I went to Nordstrom Rack. I found three pairs of jeans.............and bought them all. For less than the one pair at the main store. Of course, they still need some serious hemming (because everyone knows that no one who can afford expensive jeans is short enough to need less than a 32" inseam. Duh.). I'm going to take them today, so within the next week, I can be performing mama functions in pants that make my booty look good.

I'm also working on being more mindful of my eating, because my sugarholic tendancies are showing again. A big step would be getting the crap out of my house, but Dave is big into buying me pies when I seem down. I've tried to explain that the pies are part of the problem, not the solution, but he just. doestn't. get. it. Our food issues are bigger than I feel like delving into today, but it's at least on my mind.

So if you see me around town, be sure to tell me I look hot in my new hair and my sexy jeans. The ego boost will do me good.

Yeah, I know.

I'm coming to you with a confession.........I'm a crappy blogger. I've thought about posting 105403 times, but put it off for one reason or another. I've been in a funk, everyone in the house that doesn't have a penis has been sick, and did I mention I've been in a funk?

I've done some knitting, and taken some crappy photos, so I'm just going to throw them up here to make myself feel like a better knitter and a worse photographer. I'm also working on some super secret socks for a friend, but they are progressing at a snails pace and I don't want to ruin the surprise. They will go up after she opens the package and I can hear the screaming across the continent.

Without further ado...........

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A newborn soaker-yarn by the brilliant Brad at http://woolywondersbynada.com
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Another newborn, yarn by an ebay seller who has long been forgotten, but the colorway is called Flower Power. The customer said the more colorful the better, so this called to me from the stash.
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A third newborn. I actually dyed this one, it's the first of my dying attempts that have actually made it to a finished object. She loves it, but I've decided I'm not a dying kind of girl.

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Just proof that I really can take a good picture. A pair of longies, made special by the glory of Perfect Rainbow BFL, also by Brad. Best.............colorway.............ever.

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And finally, a gift for a person to be named later. She will know soon enough. LTK pilot caps, sized for a little, and an only slightly bigger. Again, crappy photo.

I feel like I've had no time for knitting at all, but I am proud to say that every one of the above FO's is made from stash yarn. I've bought two skeins of yarn in the last 6 weeks (and both for specific, gifting purposes), and resisted the urge to take every penny of our tax return and spend it on yarn. I'm thisclose to ordering yarn for a sweater (http://www.stitchdiva.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=SDS-031), but so far I have resisted. Stay tuned to learn how this test of the wills plays out........