Sunday, June 10, 2007

Note to self.........

When reading early morning blog posts and then devoting the entire day to what you just read, one should always note the date of the posts.

I've just tricked the governments of two nations into celebrating a day late. Oops!

In honor of World Wide KIP day

Well, and also in honor of the fact that I visited with Sabbath yesterday, and caught flack that I haven't blogged in forever. The guilt was overwhelming, since she did the kick-ass graphics for this very page, so here I am.

I'm glad I got up this morning early for my computer time. People tell me it's crazy to trade sleep time for blog reading, but you learn vital information this way. Stuff you can use. Stuff such as the fact that today is World Wide Knit in Public Day . If I didn't check in with The Harlot first thing, how would I ever have known? Luckily, it was only 7 am, so I quickly organized a little event. I grabbed a few of my favorite Girl Scouts, my sock-in-progress, and chartered a few busses. (Ok, maybe someone else chartered the busses and such, but it was all in honor of WWKIP day).

We set off to KIP in grand style, in full view of impressionable youth. A bunch of them. Like several thousand. No one said I was one to do things halfway. (note that I am behind the camera in all of the following opportunities. I feel it important to teach our future knitters the joys of spreading the gospel of the sock. And people can't say no to 8 year olds. And it was raining and my hair isn't exactly photo worthy after the fourth downpour. Trust me, the girls are cuter.)

Upon arrival in Canada. I TOLD you this was world wide!

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Just in case you missed the sock, it's there. I made Courtney scoot a bit, so I could have documentation that we were in fact in B.C.

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The sock then showed it's true's in two countries at once. Beat that, others who knit in airports in two countries! We debated the fact that the sock was in one country and the yarn in the other, but decided that since the entire 4 oz was in the ball, that the sock's potential was in the ball (with Delaney in BC), while it's mate was in the US with Courtney. Very wise, those 8 year olds.

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Now, it gets really good. We decided that we needed official, government representation from both countries. If we were going to make sure that the true spirit of the KIP movement was carried out, we needed assurance that the authorities were on board. First, the US Border Patrol. Note the fear in the eyes of the one trying to get out of the we really want him protecting our borders? If someone tried to smuggle yarn across the border, I fear he would do something really dangerous, like try to stop them. He needs further training, obviously.

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Next, the Mounties. Really cool uniforms. However, their third officer actually escaped from the picture. Obviously, lax security is an international problem. No one in this party actually laughed at us, however, so I can assume that KIP is more accepted in Canada. I always knew they were cool up north.

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Finally, the Washington State Patrol. They insisted that if they were going to have their pictures taken, the girls would have to be in it too. The tall (very tall!) officer does win the good sport of the day award........he actually held the needles in correct fashion rather than grasping on for dear life while trying not to fall over laughing. I offered to show him how to add a few stitches, but he had crime to fight. Next time.

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We are now home, back from our day of globe trotting. On the bus back, I finished the sock, and kitchenered the toe as soon as I found my darning needle. I tried it on.............and it's too SMALL!! Good thing my mom, with her freakishly small feet, will appreciate globe trotting socks.