Sunday, June 10, 2007

Note to self.........

When reading early morning blog posts and then devoting the entire day to what you just read, one should always note the date of the posts.

I've just tricked the governments of two nations into celebrating a day late. Oops!

In honor of World Wide KIP day

Well, and also in honor of the fact that I visited with Sabbath yesterday, and caught flack that I haven't blogged in forever. The guilt was overwhelming, since she did the kick-ass graphics for this very page, so here I am.

I'm glad I got up this morning early for my computer time. People tell me it's crazy to trade sleep time for blog reading, but you learn vital information this way. Stuff you can use. Stuff such as the fact that today is World Wide Knit in Public Day . If I didn't check in with The Harlot first thing, how would I ever have known? Luckily, it was only 7 am, so I quickly organized a little event. I grabbed a few of my favorite Girl Scouts, my sock-in-progress, and chartered a few busses. (Ok, maybe someone else chartered the busses and such, but it was all in honor of WWKIP day).

We set off to KIP in grand style, in full view of impressionable youth. A bunch of them. Like several thousand. No one said I was one to do things halfway. (note that I am behind the camera in all of the following opportunities. I feel it important to teach our future knitters the joys of spreading the gospel of the sock. And people can't say no to 8 year olds. And it was raining and my hair isn't exactly photo worthy after the fourth downpour. Trust me, the girls are cuter.)

Upon arrival in Canada. I TOLD you this was world wide!

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Just in case you missed the sock, it's there. I made Courtney scoot a bit, so I could have documentation that we were in fact in B.C.

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The sock then showed it's true's in two countries at once. Beat that, others who knit in airports in two countries! We debated the fact that the sock was in one country and the yarn in the other, but decided that since the entire 4 oz was in the ball, that the sock's potential was in the ball (with Delaney in BC), while it's mate was in the US with Courtney. Very wise, those 8 year olds.

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Now, it gets really good. We decided that we needed official, government representation from both countries. If we were going to make sure that the true spirit of the KIP movement was carried out, we needed assurance that the authorities were on board. First, the US Border Patrol. Note the fear in the eyes of the one trying to get out of the we really want him protecting our borders? If someone tried to smuggle yarn across the border, I fear he would do something really dangerous, like try to stop them. He needs further training, obviously.

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Next, the Mounties. Really cool uniforms. However, their third officer actually escaped from the picture. Obviously, lax security is an international problem. No one in this party actually laughed at us, however, so I can assume that KIP is more accepted in Canada. I always knew they were cool up north.

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Finally, the Washington State Patrol. They insisted that if they were going to have their pictures taken, the girls would have to be in it too. The tall (very tall!) officer does win the good sport of the day award........he actually held the needles in correct fashion rather than grasping on for dear life while trying not to fall over laughing. I offered to show him how to add a few stitches, but he had crime to fight. Next time.

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We are now home, back from our day of globe trotting. On the bus back, I finished the sock, and kitchenered the toe as soon as I found my darning needle. I tried it on.............and it's too SMALL!! Good thing my mom, with her freakishly small feet, will appreciate globe trotting socks.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Twenty things that I am thankful for

Right this very minute.

1)My husband, who loves me enough to drive around town looking for a specific flavor of ice cream, even though we have two other kinds in the freezer.
2)My children are happy and healthy
3)Girl Scout cookie sales end tomorrow, and my troop will successfully sell our entire inventory.
4)Organic red wine.
5)The honor of being chosen to attend women as they birth their baby.
6)The transformation of my home into a clutter free, inviting living space.
7)My entire family home on the same continent.
8)An amazing mother, who loves her family more than life itself.
9)My husband's awesome job, which more than provides for our family.
10)The chance to stay at home and watch my children grow.
12)Local grocery stores that don't stock that particular flavor of ice cream, because
13)A body that is becoming thin, strong, and sexy.
14)a teenage son with a head on his shoulders.
15)an amazing daughter who makes me laugh.
16)another daughter, who can communicate her needs.
17)my upcoming CBE training, and the chance to help women create amazing births for themselves.
18)financial prosperity.
19)Amazing friends who understand me.
20)A universe with unlimited potential.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I've been doing some reading/learning about The Secret, the law of attraction, etc (yes, I watch Oprah, so sue me). I'm manifesting a few things for my life, things that I have been whining about, worrying about, wanting but not doing anything about. In no particular order:

I live in a clutter free and clean house. I do not stress about the state of our living space.

I have a busy doula practice, with three clients a month. My clients have peaceful, gentle births.

I eat when healthy foods when my body is physically hungry. I am fit and strong.

We are financially stable, with money being saved each month after all the bills are paid.

Today was a day that I worked on my clutter free living space. I've declared myself a ruthless declutter-er. It's an amazing feeling to throw away, recycle, or donate items that have been weighing us down. The count for today was 121 items or sets, mostly from my bathroom, under the kitchen sink, the linen closet. Even more exciting, the pile of crap between the phone and the front door is gone. I keep looking over my shoulder just to see counter space where literally hundreds of pieces of paper have been clogging up our counter and sapping my energy. It won't return, because that isn't where things belong.

Of course, when I announced my proud total to Dave, his first response was "you didn't throw away anything IMPORTANT, did you?".


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Before, on the road to an after

As mentioned below, I've been in a funk. I'm a person who leans in the direction of depression, holding it at bay with lots of time at the gym. Miss a few days of a workout, and no one in my house wants anything to do with me. Yoga is my new outlet, and has changed the way I think about my life, my body, and the world around me. It's taught me that a bum knee isn't the end of the world, that fitness doesn't need to involve lots of loud music and an instructor that everyone knows wouldn't touch a chocolate chip cookie if her life depended on it.

However, over the last few months, I've found myself really, really not caring about how I look. Most days, I'm the preview for What Not to Wear-yoga pants and hoodies, never putting my contacts in, and and one bad hair day after another. I've decided, though, that I'm done with that. Frumpy dumpy does nothing for my mood, my energy level, or my sanity. So first, a trip to the salon.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(yes, shitty picture AGAIN. I know. I took this myself, and I've learned that what looks ok on my camera screen is an entirely different ball game at full size. But you get the idea).

I love it, although it never has been this sleek since that day. I fight the battle of mushroomhead on a daily basis, but I refuse to be defeated.

Then, I went shopping. Not "20%offallclearancemerchandiseatthegapoutlet" shopping. Real shopping. I tried on jeans at Nordstrom. Yes, jeans that would feed my family for a week. Jeans with pricetags that would make my husband cry, but God bless him he told me not to tell him.

Of course, I didn't buy those jeans. Armed with brand names and a vision, I went to Nordstrom Rack. I found three pairs of jeans.............and bought them all. For less than the one pair at the main store. Of course, they still need some serious hemming (because everyone knows that no one who can afford expensive jeans is short enough to need less than a 32" inseam. Duh.). I'm going to take them today, so within the next week, I can be performing mama functions in pants that make my booty look good.

I'm also working on being more mindful of my eating, because my sugarholic tendancies are showing again. A big step would be getting the crap out of my house, but Dave is big into buying me pies when I seem down. I've tried to explain that the pies are part of the problem, not the solution, but he just. doestn't. get. it. Our food issues are bigger than I feel like delving into today, but it's at least on my mind.

So if you see me around town, be sure to tell me I look hot in my new hair and my sexy jeans. The ego boost will do me good.

Yeah, I know.

I'm coming to you with a confession.........I'm a crappy blogger. I've thought about posting 105403 times, but put it off for one reason or another. I've been in a funk, everyone in the house that doesn't have a penis has been sick, and did I mention I've been in a funk?

I've done some knitting, and taken some crappy photos, so I'm just going to throw them up here to make myself feel like a better knitter and a worse photographer. I'm also working on some super secret socks for a friend, but they are progressing at a snails pace and I don't want to ruin the surprise. They will go up after she opens the package and I can hear the screaming across the continent.

Without further ado...........

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A newborn soaker-yarn by the brilliant Brad at
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Another newborn, yarn by an ebay seller who has long been forgotten, but the colorway is called Flower Power. The customer said the more colorful the better, so this called to me from the stash.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A third newborn. I actually dyed this one, it's the first of my dying attempts that have actually made it to a finished object. She loves it, but I've decided I'm not a dying kind of girl.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Just proof that I really can take a good picture. A pair of longies, made special by the glory of Perfect Rainbow BFL, also by Brad. Best.............colorway.............ever.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And finally, a gift for a person to be named later. She will know soon enough. LTK pilot caps, sized for a little, and an only slightly bigger. Again, crappy photo.

I feel like I've had no time for knitting at all, but I am proud to say that every one of the above FO's is made from stash yarn. I've bought two skeins of yarn in the last 6 weeks (and both for specific, gifting purposes), and resisted the urge to take every penny of our tax return and spend it on yarn. I'm thisclose to ordering yarn for a sweater (, but so far I have resisted. Stay tuned to learn how this test of the wills plays out........

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Magic Yarn Ball, take 2

Actually, this is take one-the ball of yarn I sent to my MDC swap partner. She was kind enough to take pictures for me, as I forgot, as usual. I would also like to point out that her pictures are far superior to those I would have taken myself, so it's best for all that we waited and let her do it.

The ball, all wrapped up. The yarn is 3 ply wool from Little Turtle Knits, in the After The Rain colorway. That is actually the second skein that I ordered, it's twin was used in the very first custom soaker I ever knit. Memories...................

My partner was actually a fairly new knitter, so I sent her two needles that she needed to add to her collection. The stickers Ellie picked out are actually displayed on the crown my partner's daughter was making when the yarn arrived. I also added some tea, some lip balm, some lotion, and a few yards of ribbon, as my partner likes to make bows for her daughter's hair. The biggest problem in the whole process was the wrapping. As the proud owner of a ball winder and swift, I hadn't hand wound a ball in recent memory, and I have no patience for tangled skeins. After trying to make the ball from the skein lying loose on my couch, I changed tactics. The skein went on the winder, was made into a cake, then I wrapped the goods from a more civililzed direction.

I'm now off to spend some time working on a pair of longies for a customer. The simple acts of swatching and casting on were giving me fits last night (note to self-experimental techniques are best left for personal knitting, and best explored before 11pm). At about midnight I decided I was far to stupid to deserve to ever knit again, but daylight and coffee have granted me perspective and the courage to knit again.