Saturday, March 17, 2007

Twenty things that I am thankful for

Right this very minute.

1)My husband, who loves me enough to drive around town looking for a specific flavor of ice cream, even though we have two other kinds in the freezer.
2)My children are happy and healthy
3)Girl Scout cookie sales end tomorrow, and my troop will successfully sell our entire inventory.
4)Organic red wine.
5)The honor of being chosen to attend women as they birth their baby.
6)The transformation of my home into a clutter free, inviting living space.
7)My entire family home on the same continent.
8)An amazing mother, who loves her family more than life itself.
9)My husband's awesome job, which more than provides for our family.
10)The chance to stay at home and watch my children grow.
12)Local grocery stores that don't stock that particular flavor of ice cream, because
13)A body that is becoming thin, strong, and sexy.
14)a teenage son with a head on his shoulders.
15)an amazing daughter who makes me laugh.
16)another daughter, who can communicate her needs.
17)my upcoming CBE training, and the chance to help women create amazing births for themselves.
18)financial prosperity.
19)Amazing friends who understand me.
20)A universe with unlimited potential.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I've been doing some reading/learning about The Secret, the law of attraction, etc (yes, I watch Oprah, so sue me). I'm manifesting a few things for my life, things that I have been whining about, worrying about, wanting but not doing anything about. In no particular order:

I live in a clutter free and clean house. I do not stress about the state of our living space.

I have a busy doula practice, with three clients a month. My clients have peaceful, gentle births.

I eat when healthy foods when my body is physically hungry. I am fit and strong.

We are financially stable, with money being saved each month after all the bills are paid.

Today was a day that I worked on my clutter free living space. I've declared myself a ruthless declutter-er. It's an amazing feeling to throw away, recycle, or donate items that have been weighing us down. The count for today was 121 items or sets, mostly from my bathroom, under the kitchen sink, the linen closet. Even more exciting, the pile of crap between the phone and the front door is gone. I keep looking over my shoulder just to see counter space where literally hundreds of pieces of paper have been clogging up our counter and sapping my energy. It won't return, because that isn't where things belong.

Of course, when I announced my proud total to Dave, his first response was "you didn't throw away anything IMPORTANT, did you?".