Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My first post, for a big day.

I thought it was appropriate to start this blog on the day that I meet it's designer.

Yes, my life is a bit too tied up in my internet friends. Notice, I didn't type "friends", as Dave would. The women I have met in various online communities are my true friends-the ones I turn to when I'm in a panic, or coming off a birth high, or so fed up with my kids/knitting project/state of the world that I just need to process it all. Some days I think that I need to get out more, spend my time with people that live near me, people that others would say really exist. But I know in my heart that I have more in common with those few special women on most days than I do the people who populate "real life".

So today, Ellie and I are off to meet Sabbath and Autumn. The UnPops are practically writhing with jealousy. I've been up since 5:30, wondering what I'm going to wear, how my hair will behave today, and obsessing that maybe she will see me across the mall and run away screaming. But once I get past that anxiety, I'm just so freaking excited I can't see straight to actually meet this person, the one that I just know is the coolest mama on the planet.

More later, including pictures. I have knitting to discuss, births to process, and opinions to spout. But today, I simply needed to mark this occasion, the day when my life becomes just a bit more real.

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