Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Finish what you started.

A secret about my life as a knitter..........I suck at finishing things. Actually, it's a theme that is pretty consistant throughout my entire life, but with knitting it is clear for all to see, demonstrated through little piles of wool strewn about any space where I spend any time. These are longies, made of Beaverslide organic merino and dyed by (still working on this link thingy-help!). I have 3 rows to go, which would require less time and effort than posting this, yet they have looked like this for two days. So today, they will be finished, washed, lanolized, and drying.

These are chemo caps for an online friend's daughter. You can read her story here The purple is an acryllic my sister brought back from South America (note to self-don't ask non-knitters to bring back yarn from their travels, as they wouldn't know wool if it bit them in the butt). The pink is also mostly acryllic, I think it's Lion Brand. If you know me at all, you know that plastic yarn rarely touches my needles, but I'm glad I had this on hand. They fit the requirements for chemo caps, as they super soft and washable. The purple is done save for the weaving of the ends, so thats about 48 seconds of work to do. The pastels will take a bit more work, as I have an entire 7 or 8 rows of decreases to go. It's a stretch, but I'm going to do it.

I do have distractions today, as the weird weather in the Northwest continues. Today, we woke to this little distraction.
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It's a bit hard to get anything done with everyone in my family home in the morning, and I still haven't knit a stitch. Wish me luck.

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Sabbath D. said...

ummm - CUTE longies. I love them

I am TERRIBLE at finishing projects. Like I have about 15 different things I COULD be working on, but isn't that pattern so cute kind of bad. And speaking of finishing, my finishing techniques/work could use a wee bit of improvement. I stink at seams, lack in the department of PROPER blocking (I fake it), and really loathe weaving in ends. I think I want to take a class that they offer at a knitting store in Seattle. Gotta get some professional help here, ya know to help with the MASS quantaties of half finished projects in my knitting bag.